I LOVE comics, so of course I
Love making my own comics.
back in 2007 I self published my
first comic VeganCaveGirl #1 and
followed with VCG #2, BeWere, 
Majesty, Britannia, FlagForce, The
Black Boomerang, Booman and 
so many others.
I only ever print a handful of 5,
10, 20 copies. All my comics are
Artist Limited Edition runs that
come signed and sketched or
With hand drawn original covers.
When a comic sells out it’s gone
unless collectors demand more &
then the new edition is always
slightly different.
To buy my comics either checkout my Buy Comics page or check me out on social
Media, I sell direct to collectors often in Dms on Insta and Twitter where I also have
Rare bonus items like signed covers or one off sketchcovers.
VeganCaveGirl #1
First edition
VeganCaveGirl #1
Second edition
VeganCaveGirl #2
First/colour edition
VeganCaveGirl #2
Second edition
VeganCaveGirl #2
Third edition
Rare Sketch cover edition
Most of my comics are sold out. My Latest available comics are on my Buy Comics page
I ship my comicbooks all
over the world in either
sturdy boxes or cardbacked
envelopes. I try to make
world wide shipping free
on almost all my books.

Many of my books have
sketch covers.These are
blank thick covers which
I draw on so every comic
book becomes unique with
a different front cover.

I also do Artist Variant
Print Covers where the
Comic has a limited editon
Cover and once that cover
Is sold out its gone, I dont
Reprint them like the
Dan Mendoza edition Vegan
Cavegirl issue ones.
Issue one cover by Boo Rudetoons & Tom Chu
All my comics take place in the
Booniverse, its one universe my
characters live in and do cross
over into each others comics.

Everything is owned and created
By me of course.