You are AMAZING, often incredible collectors, fans, followers and lovers of my Art want
to support me with a donation to buy Ink, Pens or Artist Gear so I can feel their love
for my work. I’ve put a Paypal Donate button for you to use to send me any amount
You wish in private - HUGS
If you want to get in touch for me to draw comic covers on your comics please do
DM me on social media. Or blast over an email -

To grab a commission/original artwork you can get in touch on social media,
visit my Etsy Artstore or checkout my buy comics page on here. Prices change based
on the subject, amount of work involved and what its drawn on. I am an experianced
working freelance illustrator so I dont do work for free, thats something I get asked
a lot by people trying to scam a free portrait off me on Instagram.
I dont digitally colour, I do black and white artwork.