All my comics take place in the
Booniverse, its one universe my
characters live in and do cross
over into each others comics.

Everything is owned and created
By me of course.
I started making and selling my own comicbooks way
back before 2007 when I created VeganCaveGirl issue
One. Over the years I’ve made lots of my own books
and worked on covers, comic pages for huge companys
as well as indie creators.
I’ve always drawn traditionally, by hand with pen on paper. The only time
I use a computer is to scan my artwork in and send it off to the printers.
I even hand letter my pages with endless spelling mistakes haha. In this
Digital age of perfection I like to make my comics so you know a real
Human hand has worked on these pages.
I also like to make sketchcover editions of my comicbooks so
Collectors can get original hand drawn covers from me and get
Real artwork in their collections. It takes a printed item and
Turns it back into an original work of art.
Im now making my originl comicbooks on kickstarter where
People can get involved, get more cover variants, addons
and rewards and directly fund comicbooks being made.
We broke through 9k UK money on FlagForce thanks to you
And theres more books to come.
Click the link at the top
Of the page to see what
Kickstarter im currently
Running or come find
Me on social media
I always team up with an
Amazing colour wizard like
My buddy dave to do insane
Covers and prints. We have
Done a lot of company work
Togeather over the years
And it means you can build
A collection of our busty
All my comics are created
And owned by me, hope
You enjoy them and get